New Launch in Singapore East

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This premium condo located at Prince Charles Crescent is non other than The Crest by Wing Tai.

Armed with first class finishes, these premium condo units puts most other new launches to shame as Wing Tai is not afraid to give buyers the quality that they deserve with the kind of money that they are paying for.

Units are fantastically planned with almost every single bedroom seeing greeneries when they look out of their windows or balconies. It is evident the designer of this new launch Ito interior designs are in love with nature. From the swimming pools to the play mounds to the plantations around and on the buildings themselves, one can rightfully say this is a very green new launch.

The Crest condo offers elegant floor plan layouts, making sure every inch of the area are used, nothing goes to waste here. Even the yard room for the maids look classy and elegant enough for own stay.

Speaking about the location, The Crest is ideally located near Redhill MRT station and Tanglin Road. It means whether by bus, car or MRT, residents can reach Orchard within 20 minutes. Not only that, there are plenty of amenities close by like RedHill Hawker Centre, Tiong Bahru Plaza, VivoCity, Habour Front, Sentosa, Mount Faber. A diverse range that will cater to every activity that residents need.

Parents worried about schools can have a smile on the face with Gan Eng Seng Primary and Secondary nearby. Going further into the future, parents can think about famous Junior Colleges like Catholic Junior College, Hwa Chong Junior College, River Valley Junior College that are easily accessed by private or public transport.

This project is well worth the consideration if investors are looking for value for money projects due to the developer offering ABSD reimbursement up to 7% for Singapore Citizens. That is just like a 7% discount with the government unlikely to lift the current cooling measures in place.


How To Find The Best South East Asia New Launch

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Real-Estate1Property development has become incredibly popular these days. There are several hundreds of realtors who keep introducing exclusive range of South East Asia new launch properties. The properties are being sold at unbelievable pricing, where investors have started showing keen interest in selecting one. Either you choose a condo or a ready built house, you can find something exceptional that meets your expectations ahead. Being a democratic nation with strong economy, many investors prefer to find their piece of land here.

If you are one of the potential investor who is ready to make your investment at any of the South East Asia new launch, then you need to take care of the following:

  • Ensure that the property you have chosen to invest is really potential, because it is all about money and you make investments to reap good benefits financially.
  • If you are not sure about taking decisions, then avail the help of the real estate agent or broker who can give you good suggestions. The real estate agent will have intense knowledge in this domain and hence they could recommend the right place to invest.
  • Before getting the land, make sure that it remains legally perfect. It is wise to clarify the document and papers with a legal advisor and get his approval prior confirming your land.



All About Southeast Asia’s New Proposal

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The Singapore properties have three major classifications which include Mass Market property, Luxury Property and Mid-Tier Property. How the classifications are done in case of the properties?? Yes, it is done based on the several factors which includes security, size, cost, layout, location, neighboring and furnishings. The Singapore is the tiny country and the surface is also very meager so that consideration for the amenities and size comes first while buying a dwelling house. In this small country, the dwell house designers constructed a townhouse in order to favor the buyers. The dwelling not only issues exclusiveness and convenience but also it furnishes complete protection to the residents.

The Singapore new launch condos are not limited to franchise leaderships. Rather it issues lands to the franchise people who want to reside in the dwelling house. These condos are especially fabricated to suit the demands of the consumers and it includes a huge area of living. The condos are very spacious and it is apart from our imagination. Each and every dwell house is constructed with four living rooms, roof terrace, two storey and a basement with the two separate car parks. The occupants can delight straight admittance to the lavish gardens and swimming pool and they no need to ask anyone for accessing that.

The Singapore condo is located in the three major streets of the city namely Bishopsgate, Chatsworth Road and Nassim road. These condos are very popular because they are easily accessible, huge gap between each home, little traffic, cool and pleasant atmosphere. You should have to reckon the above said factors in order to buy the condos in Singapore. In Singapore, the condos are not only available to purchase but also it is available for lodging. You can use the condos for any period of time that totally depends on you to decide.

Rental Condos

The condos are available for rent consists of four bedrooms that are constructed in the square feet of 3200. The rental condos are available close to the entertainment places, city center and financial district. The rental condos are similar to hotels and it provides all the facilities to you undoubtedly. And you should have to follow the rules that is there may be check in and checkout time for you. The cost of staying in the condos is about 268 dollars for six days. The costs are different for rich dwelling house. The condos provide treetops executive residence and park royal residence.

The rental dwelling house also provides complete facilities like individual bedrooms, dining rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Also, you can make access to swimming pool, tennis court, gym, sauna, enterprise center and Jacuzzi. The luxury condos of this type issues twenty four hour security, child sitting, shuttle companies, breakfast and cable TV. The rental HDB dwell house is issuing two set of five living rooms along with the features of swimming pool, safety center, work out center and more. These types of condos are leased to international people and social lights. These dwelling houses are situated in the middle of the urban center.

The comforts of the HDB flats are provisional markets, shopping zones, recreational activities, playgrounds, colleges, food stores, sports and more. The HDB flat is generally very neat and good looking. The maintenance staff is there to sustain the beauty of the house and there are twenty four lift facilities. It also includes twenty four security services, water services and electricity services. What makes the HDB flat more attractable?? The cost! Yes, the rent for the HDB flat is usually very low while comparing to some other rental condos. You can use these rental condos as a trial before buying the condos.




The Sky Vue – South East Asia New Launch

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Another South East Asia new launch is the Sky Vue which is located at the Bishan Street, 15. The Sky Vue is constructed by the development called Allamanda Residential Development Private limited. The total lease period of the condominium is ninety nine years. The entire site area is 129,135.7 square feet and the plot ratio is about 4.9. The completion of this project is anticipated to be in the year 2017 and in the month of October. The total number units in the dwelling house are of 694 units. It contains two units of 37 storey of residential home with only one basement car parks and five models of podium car parks are available in the dwell house.

The designer of this condominium is DCA Architects at Keppel Bay. This luxury home comprises of one to three bedrooms and flats. This project is developed by the assistance of the Mitsubishi Estates and Capitaland. This dwelling house is centered at the heart of the Singapore so without any doubts it will get warm welcome from the buyers definitely. The places which are located close to this dwelling house are Bishan MRT Station, Shopping Zone and Bishan Bus Exchange point. You can also finds some top class schools near to the condo which includes Ai Tong School, Raffles Institution, Raffles Junior College, Catholic High School, Australian International School, ITE College Central and Stamford American International School. This South East Asia new launch will definitely grab the attention of the investors.

The interior design and exterior design of the condos is exceptional and splendid. And you cannot ask any more from the designers that much the designs are. The house is completely furnished with the world class kitchen implements and everything is located close to the house. The food center, work out place, swimming pools, clubhouses are addressable within the dwell house, you no need to travel long for that.


The Condos In Southeast Asia

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There are different types of condos available in Southeast Asia and the Singapore condo is the difficult project to carry out. Investors can choose the best investment choice among the South East Asia new launch real estate projects. Residing in the condos is the usual type which the Southeast Asian people love too. It is not easy to spot out the condos in Southeast Asia because not each and every condo is similar. Rather, they have different types of features in it. For example, there may be rich condos that are acceptable for the people who feature strong financial background. The luxurious dwell house is usually situated in the major areas of the Singapore which includes Sentosa, Orchard road and Keppel Bay.

The rich type of condos will definitely suits to the people who want to purchase a house with all such facilities like tennis courts, lifts, swimming pools, gym and clubhouse. The fabricators of the luxury condos will assure the buyers with respect to the fixtures, wind ups and fittings. The comforts and specifications are also very superb in case of the luxury condos. Also, the interior works of the condos includes innovative designs and peculiar finishing which makes the condo more valuable among the buyers.

Apart from the luxury houses, the South East Asia new launch also holds low cost dwelling houses that are situated in the place of Tanjong Rhu and Newton Novena. These dwelling houses are very familiar just because it is located very close to the business centers and amusement places. Another dwelling home called mass market condos which are situated in the place of suburban areas. The common services are best and better in those mass market condos. These are the information about the condos in Singapore.

The condominium provides stunning living territory, lavish gardening and exceptional water feature for a sign of calmness. The key features of the Bartley Ridge are dual key facility, one to four bedroom, open terrace, twenty four hours water service and penthouses. You feel comfortable to access the important expressways such as PIE, KPE and CTE. The Bartley Tampines point is very close to the dwell house that lets you to access the Tampines regional center and big stores like IKEA. You can also some outstanding educational institutions near to the Bartley which are Cedar Girls Secondary School, Maris Stella high School and Australian International School.