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Berardi apologizes to Italian fans for admitting pain

Sassuolo’s Italy striker Domenico Berardi has admitted that everyone in the squad is hurt. and have to apologize to the fans And all the Italians who missed the 2022 World Cup tickets.

Italy misses out in the play-off round to go to the tournament in Qatar Even with a high chance of having to face hard work in the finals Because they are on the same line as Portugal, but it appears that the Azzurri has lost since the semi-finals against North Macedonia 0-1. Berardi said: “All of our Italian dreams come to an end in the worst way. whether you want to believe it or not We really did everything. We have tried every possible way. But it’s not enough.”

“It is the goal of everyone on the team who wants to go to the World Cup. It is our responsibility to bring you to the World Cup ufabet. And have a wonderful adventure together like what happened last summer.” “We have to put in more effort. 

Because the thing that pisses us off the most is that we’re not like this. There is nothing else to say except we apologize for this disappointment. We will work hard to make you dream together again, Azzurri.”