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Chile vs Canada : Preview of the 2020 Olympic Women’s Football

Chile first match Losing 0-2 against the United Kingdom, so this game they can’t miss again. By at least, there should be at least 1 point in hand to win the final round.

The readiness of the players today Chile has no injury problems. The coach Jose Letelier prepares to use the same core players into the field next. Led by experienced players such as  Carla Guerrero, Daniela Pardo, Francisco Lara, Karen Araya and Daniela Zamora.

Canada unfortunately miss out on winning the first leg after being level by Japan just six minutes before the end of time. Leading the game to a 1-1 draw with one point apiece for each ufabet team.

This game, Canada has a problem in the goalkeeper position. The goalkeeper, Stephanie Lube. He was injured from the previous match. And it is not certain whether it will be lost in time to enter the field or not. As for other players, all ready to go on the field. With coach Bev Priestman preparing to use the core as the same player from the first match, led by 23-year-old midfielder Jesse Fleming, who plays with Chelsea women’s team and Paris Saint-Germain defender Ashley Lawrence.

And indispensable is Christine Sinclair, the 38-year-old captain of the team, who has served 300 times for the Canadian women’s football team!!

List of 11 players expected to enter the field 

Chile Cristiano Endler, Javiera Toro, Carla Guerrero, Daniela Pardo, Nayadet Lopez, Francisco Lara. , Karen Araya, Yessenia Lopez, Daniela Zamora, Janara Edo, Mario Errutia