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Djokovic to compete at Olympic Games

Novak Djokovic, Serbian tennis player Convince. The decision was made to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. And express confidence. That he would win the gold medal.

Previously, the world’s number one racket hitter has confirm. That he will participate in this Olympics, and the latest news agency added that he is confident that he will win the gold medal.

Djokovic has competed at the Olympics three times, winning gold in 2008, fourth in 2012 and first elimination in 2016.

“It comes from my patriotism and my feelings for Serbia. I’m not happy playing without fans. including restrictions on the coronavirus in Japan.”

“But being able to represent the nation at the Olympics is indispensable. I met Blanca Vlasic a few days ago and she said people will only remember who won the medal. It’s not what the conditions of the race are. Or whether there are fans or not.

“Her words stuck in my head. And I’m glad I decide to be part of the Olympics. I am motivate to play tennis at my best and make sure I can win gold. After doing a good job this season.”

“The Olympics and the US Open are my biggest goals for the rest of the season.