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FA rules on why Reece James was red carded

Controversy arose for both fans and gurus as Reece James was sent off from the field. After he was judged to handball on the goal line in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool in the Premier League game last night. last saturday.

Chelsea wing-back Reece James attempts to clear the ball from the front line. Then the ball hit the arm until it cleared the ball out. However, the referee Anthony Taylor received a signal from the VAR room that it might be a handball rhythm, which Taylor then went to see. The picture is slow and it doesn’t take long to make a decision. Walked back to take a red card for James and pointed to a penalty immediately.

    from such a rhythm A lot of controversy over whether James deserves a red card or not by Gary Lineker, football guru commented. This ball deserves a penalty. But the red card issue shouldn’t have happened. 
    “Penalty, yes, but a red card? I don’t think so The ball hits the thigh first,” the former star player nicknamed Mr Nice Guy revealed. However, a red card rule has been revealed, cite on the English Football Association’s (FA) website. Which clearly states that if a player performs handball in order to directly interfere with an opponent’s goal. That player will be fired. regardless of whether he intend it or not

    “In the event that one of the players causes the opponent to miss a goal, Or block the opportunity that is likely to be a goal for sure with the offense of doing handball. Such players will have to be expelled for one place. No matter where handball incidents happen.”