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How do astronauts watch extraterrestrial football?

How do astronauts watch extraterrestrial football? French astronaut Tomas Peske is one of seven crew members currently station on the International Space Station.

The subject is fond of sports as a life. The point of getting a black belt in judo And also cheering for the French national football team. When it comes down to competing in various programs as well.

However, Peske had to travel up to an altitude of 400 kilometers from the face of the earth. To work on the International Space Station for more than 6 months, and of course. You will have to miss France to play on Earth unfortunately.

Even orbiting high into space. They can also watch whatever they want in their spare time. That includes live broadcasts of Euro 2020 that the European Space Agency (ESA) and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sent the signal up for Peske and the rest of the crew to watch.

How to watch live from outside the world It must rely on satellites in higher orbits. Which uses the KU-Band spectrum to transmit signals between the world and on the International Space Station. That made the officers in the control center Can communicate with astronauts most of the time. As well as being able to send information important documents. From relaxing media such as movies, music, and even. They live broadcasts of sporting events, the crew were all shown on demand.

Also in 2018, when Russia hosted the World Cup, they brought in 18 Telstar balls used in their opening match. Travel up to space before the start of the race. with live broadcasts on Russian and German astronauts Have a chance to win their team in their spare time as well. (Unfortunately, there is no US which was eliminate in that year’s qualifying round)

This is the beginning of having time to relax for the astronauts. May be trace back to the days of the Skylab project. The first US space station where the Skylab 4 crew decide to request fewer days off and work. After receiving a very hard work schedule. until almost no time to relax.

Gerald Carr, Edward Gibson, and William Poge have applied to the control center to give them more vacation days. Until NASA has to reconsider the new work measures. and make the astronaut’s schedule more appropriate. This includes free time to watch football in the present.

As for Peske’s beloved team, will they reach the dreamland, as Alexander Grest has celebrated the 2014 World Cup with from outer space? We have to wait for some time to be the answer.