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“Neymar” upset post on IG stories

As fans know This year is a competition between the dream contenders. Rival forever host Brazil against Argentina

Neymar superstar in Brazil. scolded fellow country fans After there is not a lot of current that came out to support ufabet the blue and white army to win the Copa America by reason of being a follower of Lionel Messi, a star player from Barcelona itself.

For the beginning of this story when Fabiola’s a drama, a news straight line Sport Brazil’s position that it needs to Messi this tournament for the first time in their lives. She posted that

“Before throwing stones at me in public Listen to me explain. I love Brazil. I love soccer. Brazilian Yes, I have many Argentinian friends. But I don’t support Argentina. In the Copa America final I won’t support them, no, but I do because I love football and Leo Messi @leomessi this man must win in his national team jersey! It’s fair!”

After the reporter’s post was published. It turns out that not many football fans are in favor of Andrade. which almost all give similar reasons, that is Praised in the footsteps of the star players from rival nations. And wanting all to be fulfilled at the age of 34, and Brazilian fans are also resentful of the failure of this Samba squad from the 2018 World Cup.

Recently, Neymar can’t stand it. Came out to post on IG stories on this issue for a long time saying

“I’m Brazilian. It is with pride and love. My lifelong dream is to play for the national team and hear the fans cry out in support.

“I never attacked or thought of attacking Brazil. When they compete Whether it’s a sport, a beauty pageant, or an Oscar.”

“If that was Brazil. because i am brazilian and whoever is Brazilian The Brazilians saw it differently. It’s okay I respect But go to hell.”

Neymar has scored twice for Brazil in this tournament, against Venezuela and Peru in the first two games of the tournament. Then he couldn’t shoot again. But Brazil is still strong enough to reach the final.

It will also be the first time since 2007 that Brazil will face Argentina in the final. Brazil have been champions nine times, Argentina are 14 times and are in contention for Uruguay’s 15-time record tomorrow.