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Manchester United launches 'Jadon Sancho' shirt number 25

Manchester United launches ‘Jadon Sancho’ shirt number 25

The Red Devils have officially introduced Jadon Sancho as a new player. After grabbing from Borussia Dortmund for a fee of 73 million pounds and giving the winger the number 25 shirt. The official epic ended when Manchester United announced the auspiciousness of grabbing  Jadon Sancho, the England winger. Came in

Southgate sent Saka to shoot a penalty

Southgate sent Saka to shoot a penalty

England football fans on social media Unanimously criticized Gareth Southgate, the army manager, England who sent the young attacking star Bukayo Saka to shoot a penalty to decide the championship before the News hit misses. England draw with Italy in regular time, including extra-time in the