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Liverpool may decide not to renew the contract with Roberto Firmino

Liverpool are rumor to not renew their contract with one of the three team’s toughest offensive coordinators.

On July 21, 64, E-Athletic, the famous British media hit the news Liverpool. The giant club of the English Premier League. May decide not to renew the contract with Brazilian national team striker Roberto Firmino. To open the way for new young players ufabet.

For the Reds’ offensive 3 coordinates, such as Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino. The age is close to reaching the 30th mark every time. And are left with a contract with the team for another two years, The latest reports from the media indicate that the 29-year-old Firmino is the player who is most at risk of not getting a contract extension. If the Reds have to choose to release one of their offensive line from Anfield in the near future.

The reason why Liverpool are looking at releasing older players It is to open the way for the entry of young players. to help pursue long-term success