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Tielemans has told Leicester he wants to join Liverpool

Leicester City midfielder Youri Tielemans has told the club he wants to join Liverpool. While the Foxes are available to sell if the fee is at least £64 million.

For Tielemans, he performed outstandingly last season. He play a key role in helping the team to the FA Cup triumph by ufabet scoring the winning goal against Chelsea and at Euro 2020. Where he was a central figure in the Belgian national team.

from the formed form Causing news that “Reds” want this 24-year-old star to add to the midfield to replace Georginho Wijnaldum, who moved to Paris Saint-Germain.

Until recently, a report from Belgian media “Fotball24” revealed that Tielemans had negotiated with the club to allow him to join Liverpool in the transfer market this summer.

It was also report that Leicester would only sell Tielemans if they were worth at least £64 million.