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Southgate sent Saka to shoot a penalty

England football fans on social media Unanimously criticized Gareth Southgate, the army manager, England who sent the young attacking star Bukayo Saka to shoot a penalty to decide the championship before the News hit misses.

England draw with Italy in regular time, including extra-time in the 1-1 Euro 2020 final at Wembley on 11 July. They led first from Luke Shaw in the second minute, but were equalize by Leonardo Bonucci in the 67th minute.

However, during the penalty shootout, the England turn down a disappointing shot as they miss three, including Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bugayo Saka. All of whom were substituted. Which ultimately cause England to miss the first Euro Championship to win

After the match, fans of “Three Lions” came out to criticize Southgate for sending players to the penalty shootout. In particular, the 19-year-old star player Saka scored the fifth goal, which is the goal that decides the championship. with a message like “Saka’s first penalty shoot-out in a match and he’s the biggest deciding goal in the country’s 55-year history, a bad deal for Southgate.”

Including “19-year-old Saka was select for the penalty shootout. I’m really sorry for Southgate, why did he make that choice?”